"Auction For  A Cause " charity donation doll 2006

" Flame"....

“Flame” is a former La Belle Du Soir Kyori has received a complete facial repaint. Her original wig has received some platinum white, blonde, silver and brown highlights and a spiral perm. Her gown is mostly hand sewn with a few reinforcements by machine. All beads and trim are hand sewn. Her jewelry is handmade. They are a combination of fiery crystals and cool silver. Her dress appears aflame with smoke rising. Her wrap and jewelry still show sparks of flames.She represents complex burning desires.... sultry and smokey. Cool eyes and hot lips and singed hair from all that heat!!!!
She is inspired by the well know sixties song “Come on Baby Light My Fire” by the Doors.

I'm pleased to announce that "Flame" earned $1600 USD at auction for DIFFA and the fight against AIDS.